Just found out it’s possible to purchase new license plates for $20

My Oct tag is faded pretty bad, and the license is faded (dirty looking). For $20 when you register this car, you can get new front and rear license plates, along with new year and month tags. If you do it then you will get new pink slip with new license number. Highly recommended.  I would do it, but It will take awhile to get the new paperwork and I want to be ready to sell at a moments notice….


Now $2800.

I will be dropping the price $100 at a time until it sells. If you wait long enough you can buy it for your price if you are first.

Now as to current status, I have fixed the idle problem and made some other adjustments. After a fresh coat of wax, it looks like new again.

Selling 1991 Accord

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Hello Everyone.

If you are here, you saw my 1991 accord and followed the link here.  I will be giving information on the car, as well as history and interesting facts about it. If you are the one purchasing it, you should download and print this out for your own records.

I will be listing the information about the previous history first, then I will give a truthful succinct and accurate account of this car.

Selling my 1991 Honda Accord

See posts below this for elaborations about various points on this car < Smile

Hi. I am selling my beloved Honda Accord for $3000.  What makes it worth that much? Well. I will say it has a lot of miles on it, but if you look at my post below about older cars with the mileage set back, you will see why I think my car is worth that much.  I may decide to cut a deal at some time, and I have quoted a lower price in the past, but I keep making the car better and better including a brand new paint job that I can’t decrease the  price too much

If you want to sell your old car (like mine) you have 2 choices.  One is to fix it up and sell it (my choice) and the other is to let it get totally junky, then wait till it fails a smog check and sell it to the state of California for $1000. If you are low income person, then SOC will give you $1500 for your failed car. So, the baseline of any car sold in California is $1000 or $1500. Any lower then that and it goes to the state and you can’t buy it…..

Tough luck

So, that sets my baseline at $1500. I just put a $500 paint job into it and a replacement head along with a replacement stereo system and OH.. I forgot to mention It now has a top of the line viper alarm remote start alarm system in it. The $500 installed variety. I installed it myself and no thief will find and disable this like the store bought ones. I include the installation guide I used to install it and the remote is advertised to work up to 1 mile away. It is 2 way so if someone breaks in to steal the car, besides the horn honking and the siren and lights, the motor is disabled so they cant drive it anywhere. The 2 way feature means the full color display remote will buzz you as long as you are within range. Leave the remote on the nightstand when you sleep, and anyone trys to steal it, it will alert you.  And with the backup battery it will continue to make noise for a long time.

Now that is $2500 and doesn’t count my labor and countless hours to clean and tune it and fix every thing wrong with it. (well.. there are a few things, but they are minor. I’ll get to them in a minute).

This car is fun to drive. I now have a 2001 accord that my wife likes, but I much prefer this car to that one. The 2001 has way more power, but it drives like a boat and goes over bumps like a Cadillac. That’s what my wife likes, but when I get back into my good old 91 accord, I find I am having a great time. with the new suspension and adjustable shocks and Michelin tires, it is just a blast.

Now for the bad things.

1 Drivers seat material is worn. Not torn, not damaged, just worn due to 25 years of in and out across it.  I recommend that anyone that wants to keep this car go on eBay and get the leather seat covers like I just bought for my wife’s  Honda Del Sol for $275 (for 2 seats). They are waiting for me to sell this car so I have room to replace her seat covers with these. You take the cloth covers off and replace with these leather covers. They look fabulous, and her car will look even better than my 91. Hm… maybe I will give the wife my 2001 and use the 93 Del Sol.  hm…..

2. Cruise control doesn’t work. It worked for all those years and I never used it for the last 6-7 years. so I never noticed.  I have not tested it but I think the rubber diaphragm inside the actuator has ruptured. Its just rubber and after 25 years probably gave out.

3. Rear motor mount on a 91 EX has a vacuum actuated release that will let the motor mount go and make the idle very very smooth. I installed a new rear motor mount (you can look and see it) but I never noticed after installation that the actuator is not working. It is a pain to remove and install and besides the LX and DX models of my car don’t have the soft release like this. So with this not working it’s like a LX instead of an EX.  But.. the computer on an EX knows it should have that nice soft motor mount so it adjusts the idle for fuel economy and power.. so the car shakes more than most people like. It’s part of living with a car tuned like a sports car. If it annoys me too much at a light, I shift into n and the idle feels smooth. If anyone want to replace that motor mount, the car will idle smooth like a new car. I promise.

I will work on this rough idle part. I am certain I can make it a lot smoother then now.

OK. I have covered most everything. Please call me if you are interested. I have plenty of extras. I have front bra (black), windscreen for the moon roof, a bunch of extra suspension parts I ended up with extra, along with the chrome plated factory rims.

FINAL POINT: Almost forgot. The R11 AC has been retrofitted to R138. I an a certified R11 AC tech as part of Honda tech, but the full conversion to R138 is just too expensive. This has a pretty new (about 5-6 year old) factory condenser in the front and blows cold after about 5-10 minutes. It is nice in an older car to have cold air in the summer time.

I can elaborate on any points above if you want

Thanks for reading

Calvin E.Thomas (562-756-0172)



I get so angry when I look at Craigslist and check the cars, and here’s why.

About a year ago my 1991 accord was stolen from my work’s parking lot. I have a video of the van driving in, some guy getting out, walking around to my 91 accord, and about 3-4 minute later the van and my car drive out.

Our camera system is useless since it only saw the color of the van and the guys face was obscured. Some of my co-workers heard from inside the van children laughing and talking. This was while the van was waiting for the thief to drive out in my car.  It would seem the car theft was a family man and he included his children when he went out to steal cars.  That made me even more angry. What is he teaching them?   ARRGHHH!!!!!!

Anyway, when I went looking for a replacement, I paid for a  subscription to CARFAX. I then punched in the license plate of the accord I liked the look of.. and CARFAX reported “WARNING. the ODOMETER on this car has been rolled back”. I thought.. ‘What?”  so I went to the section of CARFAX that shows the history of the car along with the mileage on the car during each smog check!!!.


The mileage showed the following

  1. 1993         20,152 miles
  2. 1995        .48,253 miles
  3. 1997         76,623 miles
  4. 1999         99,925 miles
  5. 2001       128,923 miles
  6. 2003       155,325 miles
  7. 2005       189,052 miles
  8. 2007       209,520 miles
  9. 2009       253,234 miles
  10. 2011       121,562 miles
  11. 2013       145,234 miles

When I called and asked this owner the mileage on his car he said “Oh it only has 145 thousand miles on it!” with a cheerful voice.  LIAR!

It took me 4 CARS!!! till I found one that did NOT have a reset (fake) odometer number.

I bought the 4th car and it did indeed only have 130,000 miles on it. It runs like new.

Now I have a problem. How do I sell my car with 260,000 miles on the odometer when I am competing with all the liars setting their odometers back. The only way? Is the truth.

do NOT be fooled by a fake low mileage 20 year old Honda accord.

stop, think, consider.

The AVERAGE mileage per year per car in California is 15,000 miles. So, if you are a totally average driver you will will end up with 360,000 miles in only 24 years.  (the age of my car).  Where are all those 140,000 mile 20-24 year old cars coming from? Well, as a matter of fact…..

If you look through craigslist or any other used car site for a 1991 accord like mine, you will see lots of accords with “only” 140,000 miles.  They are almost all fake.   They have any where from 250,000-350,000 miles true miles on them and they are falling apart.

Mine has true 260,000 miles on it and it is NOT falling apart.

Why? because I am a Honda certified master technician, that bought that car brand new in 1990 and have fixed everything that has gone wrong since I bought it. That’s why you will see lots of receipts (I don’t have everything on here yet, but I will continue finding them and adding them below)

To give a summary? I have done the following.

2002: rebuilt transmission. This included replacing EVERY WORN PART in the transmission. I did clutch packs, clutch pack seals, all bearings, all shaft seals. a couple of broken parts, and any part that showed any sign of wear.

total cost for parts was $1700 at the 20% off list price of Majestic Honda

Result: The transmission has about 40,000 miles now. It was rebuilt at 220,000 miles and after the rebuild it shift perfectly. Even now 10 years later, it shifts every gear crisply and cleanly.

2006 (approximate)  rebuilt motor.  Heard rod bearings knocking at 240,000 miles. removed head, pistons, rod and main bearings (see receipts below) timing belt, drive belts, water pump, oil pump.  Installed new rod and main bearings (Honda parts ONLY). New piston rings. Honed cylinders. assembled pistons into block, took head to machine shop and had it rebuilt with a 3 angle valve grind to increase gas flow (more power). Reassembled motor using all new Honda factory seals.

Result: motor runs great. Only 20,000 miles since then due to reduced driving.

2012 Rebuilt suspension:  removed all for wheels. removed all double wishbone “A” arms and took to machine shop and had old broken and cracked rubber bushings pressed out and all new factory (or Hard Race) rubber bushings replaced. (see receipts below) Then I reassembled all suspension parts. I also installed new motor mounts (all 4. Front, rear, and both sides). I installed a new American remanufactured power steering rack, and tie rod ends.Finally, I assembled everything back together using  KYB Sport Shock absorbers with adjustable tension settings.  I currently run them at setting #2 (#1 is stock and #4 is race) for a firmer ride and good handling.

Result: the car handles like a sports car. The transmission shifts quick and nice and the steering and driving is nice. It isn’t like a luxury car, but like a sports car. If you drive this car, you will see what I mean. If you don’t like a sports family car with room for 4 adults, then don’t look at this car.

2013, the car was stolen and the stereo system was stolen. I then purchased a 2001 accord with 130,000 true miles on it.  At that point the police recovered my 91 and I had a problem. It was leaking water, so I removed the head and found the head was cracked. I got a replacement head and installed it and the car runs great again.

Now, I am selling it.  All I can say is don’t worry about the mileage. It is good to drive another 100,000 miles if you take care of it. It will go more than that, but it is a 25 year old car. Don’t be fooled by the “low mileage” cars on craigslist. 75% of them (at least) has the odometer rolled back to make you think it’s never been driven. If you don’t believe me, then sign up with CARFAX and punch in the license plates of the cars on craigslist. When I did the 91 accords like mine, I was UNABLE TO FIND A SINGLE ONE that had the true mileage in the craigslist listing.